Hello, world!

Nelson Gill

Quality Assurance Developer, Giant Nerd, & Developer-in-training


I first started working with technology with an ancient DOS-based computer with an amberchrome screen and dual 5.25" floppies, eventually moving up to the 'modern' and often underappreciated hardware and software of today.

Almost all of my skills and knowledge has been self-taught, I enjoy learning new things and trying to figure out things on my own, and I continue to build out my skillset in various areas from QA, software engineering, electronics, to 3D printing and beyond.


I specialize in software quality assurance, from manual to automation testing, across UI and backend/API testing. My years in the software development industry have exposed me to a broad array of testing tools and methodologies.

I continue to build on that skillset, and am branching out into front end software development when time allows.

Some of those skills include:

  • API Testing (Manual and Automated)
  • UI Testing (Manual and Automated)
  • Mobile Testing (Manual and Automated)
  • Manual and Automated test case design and maintenance
  • Promoting and deploying builds
  • User Experience design and review
  • Constantly looking to improve process and procedures

A more comprehensive list can be found on my Linkedin profile.